Global Forest
forest diseases, Disease caused by fungus

The Gypsy Moth in Iowa
insect infestation, forest diseases

Hickory Decline in Iowa and the U.S.
insect infestation, Overcrowding, healthy

Lake Ahquab / Asian Longhorned Beetle
insect infestation, forest diseases, maple tree, forest understory

Миссия "Переполох в лесу"(Forest at Risk)
fire, insect infestation, logging, urban sprawl, planted forest

GFL Project
Invasive plants, managed forest

Tent Caterpillar
drought, insect infestation, Temperature

Леса Нурлатского района
drought, insect infestation, climate change, land use, logging, forest diseases, wildfire, planted forest

GFL Story Mariam Bear Park
urban sprawl, invasive species, landscaping waste

The Wild Parsnip
forest diseases, Invasive Specices,Poisonous Plant

Ленточные леса в Астраханской области
fire, drought, dam, climate change, land use, logging, conversion to agricultural land, forest fragmentation, urban sprawl, wildfire

Urban Coyote - The Coyote in Chicago
climate change, land use, forest fragmentation, urban sprawl

Urban Hydrology
land use, urban sprawl, hydrology

Chicago Now vs. Then
insect infestation, land use, planted forest

The Immense Overpopulation of Deer at the North Park Nature Center
invasive species, healthy forest, trophic level, and best seasons for deer

The Emerald Ash Borer's Effect on Chicago's Local Forests
insect infestation, forest diseases, invasive species, forest health, urban forests

Green Roofs in Chicago
climate change, planted forest, overproduction of CO2, global warming

The Eastern Cottontail Rabbit and its Temperate Deciduous Forest in Chicago, IL
climate change, urban sprawl, planted forest, greenhouse gases, population inflation, invasive species

Ait Pollution in Chicago
climate change, land use, logging, wildfire, air pollution, air, pollution

Milder Winters
climate change, forest fragmentation

forest fragmentation, urban sprawl

The Japanese Beetle
insect infestation, planted forest

Exploring the Challenges and Benefits of Urban Forestry in the City of Chicago
insect infestation, forest diseases, planted forest, carbon cycle, urban forests, forest health, North Park Nature Center

GFL Torrey pines
drought, insect infestation, climate change, forest fragmentation, forest diseases, urban sprawl

The Forest near Lake Baikal
climate change, land use, wildfire